Since 1996, Wayback Machine has assembled over 400 billion web pagesAnd there is every possibility your favorite web page is already on a Wayback Machine. In general, if a website allows web crawlers and it is not blocked or passworded, you can archive them for future use.  Wayback Machine is a great resource for open source information collection and analysis and is heavily used by OSINT professionals. 

What is Wayback Machine For?  

Source: WayBack Machine, 2019

Wayback Machine is designed to offer large size allotments dedicated to preserving digital artifacts like histories, researches, and more. They also can easily be employed for saving audios, videos, as well as other entertainment materials.  

Another importance of Wayback Machine is in accessing content no longer available on the web. Its usage in the Internet Archive provides useful help in discovering old software as well

Wayback Machine can also allow users access to downloading content on a website initially shut down or no longer available. 

As an OSINT professional, adding Wayback Machine to your checklist or your Echo Cyber Intelligence Dashboard a.k.a. CID is a must. 

The benefits of Wayback Machine in Digital Libraries

There are several use cases for Wayback Machine, but a particular focus is its usage in Digital Libraries. The top benefits offered includes: 

Active Source for Knowledge and Learning

Digital libraries provide active systems of learning and knowledge. All data resources offered are made available through virtual space. 

Student-Centric Solutions

With digital libraries, the student can access several digital contents via digital devices. The use of the Wayback Machine offers fast access to document archived and access anytime. The libraries come with flexibility and high level of engagement.  

Varieties of Content Types Are Made Available

Digital libraries offer students the possibility of getting various content typesConsequently, as learners, there is more flexibility in the learning process. 

Support for Research and Educational Growth

Digital libraries using the Wayback Machine offers support for reliable research studies and educational growth. The system becomes well-informed as the needed data are made available, thus facilitating the growth of the learning process. 

The Internet Archive  

The Internet Archive offers a non-profit digital library solution for various websites and materials in digital form. Free access to historians, researchers, scholars, and the general public is part of the platform drive towards providing widespread access to knowledge. 

With over 20+ years of gathering data through the Wayback Machine, the digital library has archived over 330 billion web pages20 million books and texts4.5 million audio recordings4 million videos3 million images, and 200,000 software programs. 

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