Are there several information gaps in your research? Do you need assistance filling those gaps? Well, help is available with the use of online support provided by the Library of Congress. The advanced search platform allows researchers users to ask a librarian for help. If you have specific questions with no readily available answers, the digital Library offers online chat during off-peak hours. Other requests can be forwarded using the online form available on the platform.


What does the Library of Congress offer?

The Library of Congress is currently the most extensive Library on earth, with millions of books, newspapers, maps, manuscripts, photographs, and recordings within its collections. The Library stands as the primary research arm of the United States Congress and Copyright Office.

Only a small percentage of the books available in the Library’s physical collections are digitally available through its website. As of 2016, a large number of digitized books available through the Library contain roughly 136,000 books from its General Collections scanned through Internet Archive.

Nevertheless, additional titles running into several thousand have been added. The Library conserves and offers access to a diverse, enduring, and abundant source for resources valuable to research works. So, if you seek to engage, inform, and inspire your intellectual and creative endeavors, the Library of Congress remains a noteworthy source for researchers and world-class data.


How the Library of Congress Help with Open-Source Efforts and Research.

The informal approach to searching for digital or electronic books (e-books) available is through the Library’s website. There is a Search Books page which offers keyword search and returns a different list of digitized texts available on the Library.

Researchers and other users also have the option of refining results to help narrow down searches. Additionally, users can search across or within specific digitized Library collections.

Another convenient option available to users in terms of locating other contemporary works is through contacting the local public Library. The Library assists with e-book service that is easily downloadable on PCs. They are available in several formats, including DAISY, DJVU, ePub, Mobi, PDF, and text (.txt).

If a book or resource is not available by electronic means or in print format, users can easily connect through an interlibrary loan request to access an available print edition from other libraries.

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