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Skull Games

Echo Analytics Group partners with All Things Possible throughout the year to develop actionable leads on trafficked victims and persons of interest so law enforcement can better protect the vulnerable and bring predators to justice. 


Skull Games is an event where vetted volunteers crowdsource the collection of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to provide law enforcement with leads on trafficked victims and persons of interest.


Through our work together, we can help save lives and put an end to human trafficking.

Throughout the year, analysts of all skill levels come together to aid in the identification of victims and persons of interests to help combat sex trafficking. The volunteers work together to surge efforts and provide information and support to law enforcement.

At the end of each Skull Games detailed reports are sent to law enforcement with a path of discovery for them to obtain warrants with a probable cause to find victims or criminals. Skull Games are designed as a complement to the OSINT hunting All Things Possible and our team do every day throughout the year. 

Join us. Make a difference. Be the difference. Free the oppressed

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