Leave Uncertainty Behind

We combine the most experienced professionals with advanced tools and methodologies to deliver a diverse suite of products that help clients mitigate risk, improve performance, increase profits, and accelerte growth.

Due Diligence

Know the social risk, criminal activity, legal, and financial risks that might threaten your business. Our Due Diligence products protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships.

Background Investigations

Our team of intelligence researchers leverage advanced technologies and have access to hundreds of databases, you can be sure your next move is well informed.

Cyber Investigations

Let our team uncover the information you need by combing through the jargon and noise that exists on the surface, deep, and dark web to find the information you need.

Social Risk Monitoring

Our social media monitoring specialists, content analysts, and open-source intelligence researchers help identify potential issues early and monitor known threats for significant changes or escalation, enabling client teams to take a more proactive and tailored approach to security.


Safeguarding proprietary data is a critical component of conducting business in the digital era. We work with clients to create a social risk framework — outlining business objectives, assessing risk, defining tolerance levels, and prioritizing gaps.

Our Team

Our People – It all starts with the hiring pocess.  At Echo Analytics Group, every intelligence professional is subjected to a rigorous hiring process executed by a team of screening and selection professionals.  We invest the time and resources upfront to ensure we hire the most ethical and compentant poblem solvers to join our team so that you get the best services available.
Our Process – We are career intelligence professionals who have operated in some of the most demanding envionments.  We understand that effective processes maximize collection potential, enabling us to fill the most challenging intelligence gaps.  As a company, we offer training, services, and technology because doing so keeps us on the leading edge of best practices and enbables us to provide our clients a full suite of solutions.

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