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Echo Analytics Group Partners with All Things Possible for Fourth Skull Games Initiative



Counter Human Trafficking Event Takes Place August 6-7

TAMPA, FL (August 2, 2022) –Echo Analytics Group (EAG) is partnering with All Things Possible (ATP) to host the fourth Skull Games event on August 6-7. The Skull Games program crowdsources the collection of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to enable law enforcement with leads on trafficked victims and persons of interest.

The two-day event brings together vetted volunteers who have experience in open-source intelligence (OSINT) to aid in the identification of victims and persons of interest to help combat sex trafficking. The volunteers work together at the EAG Operations Center and online across the country to partner and provide information and support to law enforcement. At the conclusion of the weekend, EAG and ATP send detailed reports to law enforcement with a path of discovery for them to obtain warrant or probable cause to find victims or criminals. The previous three Skull Games identified approximately 45 victims and 20 persons of interest in eight states.

Jeff Tiegs, who served as a U.S. Army Ranger and Delta Force Operator, is the Chief Operating Officer of All Things Possible Ministries. Tiegs uses his expertise and experience to counter human trafficking with the help of Echo Analytics Group and their research platform, TORCH.

“The ability to recruit and groom victims is at an all-time high,” said Tiegs. “Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are riddled with predators. They are all over Minecraft and Roblox. They use mediums where you can share photos and videos. They are on Whisper and Scout, and they are on all the dating sites.”

“The work that Jeff and the team at All Things Possible is critical to helping law enforcement across the country,” said Buddy Jericho, CEO of Echo Analytics Group. “Through our work together, we can help save lives and put an end to human trafficking.”

Media interested in Skull Games should contact Jeffrey Kamis at 813.784.3642 for more information and interview opportunities.

About All Things Possible

The mission of All Things Possible is to identify, interrupt and restore those affected by trauma. This is done through law enforcement support and enablement. For more information, visit

About Echo Analytics Group

Echo Analytics Group (EAG) is a veteran owned and operated intelligence firm based in Tampa, Florida. EAG brings military grade intelligence to the private sector, combining publicly available information with advanced research methodologies to empower businesses and people to make informed decisions. With the overwhelming amount of content created daily, EAG provides best-in-class research resources from tools, case management systems, investigations, education and even analysts to make real-time decisions. To learn more, visit:




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