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Echo Analytics Group Announces Launch of TORCH



All Your Research Needs. One Single Platform 


TAMPA, FL (June 2, 2022) – Tampa based Echo Analytics Group (EAG) announced yesterday the launch of its new TORCH platform, designed to empower research professionals to organize, collaborate and enhance their research abilities.   This unique platform houses access to more than 800 data sets and analytics tools, as well as a case management system that makes organizing research simple. The new platform allows analysts and researchers the ability to not only conduct better fact-finding, but also gives them the tools and resources to combat the relentless amount of disinformation and misinformation impacting the ever-changing landscape in the world. 

Through open-source intelligence (OSINT), TORCH provides a streamlined research solution bringing together all the offerings EAG once provided as individual services. The TORCH Toolkit includes a dynamic and customizable library of tools to access publicly available data. TORCH includes a Case Manager feature that allows users to organize, collaborate and share their findings with other users, all in one location.   Also available in the TORCH platform is the TORCH Academy, a library of on-demand courses developed to enhance professional development.  

“One of the biggest challenges for me during my military career was deploying to Fallujah and having to quickly learn about an emerging adversary.  For a short time, I felt unprepared, and we had a lot of information but separating the facts from the noise was extremely difficult, it was not a good feeling.” said Buddy Jericho, CEO of Echo Analytics Group. “For that reason, I set out to build a company to help people who today are facing similar challenges in both the corporate world, law enforcement and private domain. The only difference now is that everything is online.  This launch milestone gets our team one step closer to achieving the mission of making advanced research training and technology available and affordable to the people who need it most.” 

The TORCH platform is now available at an introductory rate of $49.99 per month. 

“Our team at EAG has trained thousands of professionals in the military, law enforcement, private security, and even human resource departments on methods of doing advanced research.  We have also provided research services to these industries.  Our team created TORCH after gathering extensive feedback from analysts and researchers faced with the ongoing challenge of keeping up with the growing amount of information online,” said Jericho. “The obstacle is sifting through all the data, encroaching on crucial time to analyze and apply critical thinking. The TORCH platform helps analysts make the research process more efficient, helping businesses and brands make more informed decisions when timing is crucial.” 

About Echo Analytics Group 

Echo Analytics Group (EAG) is a veteran owned and operated intelligence firm based in Tampa, Florida. EAG brings military grade intelligence to the private sector, combining publicly available information with advanced research methodologies to empower businesses and people to make informed decisions. With the overwhelming amount of content created daily, EAG provides best-in-class research resources from tools, case management systems, investigations, education and even analysts to make real-time decisions. To learn more, visit: 



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