OSINT Training Online and Tools Launching in 2020

With over 20 years in the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) field of expertise, we’ve quite literally witnessed the industry explode right before our eyes over the past decade. Of course, when we launched Echo Analytics Group in June of 2014, we never would have imagined our business would be growing this fast. With that said, we have exciting news to share and we wanted to give you an update as we build more OSINT training and tools launching in 2020.

As one of the leading experts in cyber intelligence research and training services, we’ve watched this new frontier of intelligence evolve and expand on a global scale. In fact, we’ve trained over 2,500 analysts from various agencies within the government, as well as some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 brands. We’ve also supported some of the most significant national and international intelligence operations, behind the scenes. Presently, the private and public sectors have never been more eager to equip their teams with the knowledge they need. The goal is to prevent and protect their employees, products, and brands from daily growing social risk. As such, we have been honored to share our vast experience and best practices with amazing organizations. Some of these brands include the likes of Disney, Charter Communications, US Marshalls, LSU, US Army, and many others.  

Thanks to the unanimous feedback we’ve received from countless students over the years, we are ready to take our brand to the next level. We are doing that by providing the social risk and cyber intelligence community with a full circle research and analysis approach!   

The EAG Full-Circle Approach

Prior to now, we’ve offered in-person and online training courses devoted to OSINT analysis, reputation management, and social media analysis. Additionally, we manage & execute a variety of research and analysis reports for a myriad of clients every month. Consequently, at the end of this year, we will be launching our third product offering branch: purpose-built technology solutions.  

Echo Analytics Group Research and Analysis Management, OSINT Training Online 

We’ve trained our Echo Academy students on how to efficiently utilize the 1000+ tools and resources within the Discover, Develop and Monitor (D2M™) method for cyber research and analysis. Each certification class required a customized OSINT Training and Tools (workflows) to fit their individual research needs. At the end of each class the feedback was always the same… “Why isn’t there a platform that can organize and manage all of the tools (specific to my role) in one location?”  

Introducing the Cyber Intelligence Dashboard.

This highly customizable research and analysis platform allow users across multiple industries to access over 1000+Publicly Available Information (PAI) tools and resources in one location. Moreover, Cyber Intelligence Dashboard users also have the ability to customize up to 20 tool stacks groups to fit their individual role’s workflows. It is the first of our new OSINT Training and Tools. (More info below)  

OSINT Training and Tools Cyber Intelligence Dashboard
Cyber Intelligence Dashboard- OSINT Training Online and Tools

Originally, Echo Analytics Group offered a version of this dashboard for the Echo Academy alumni-only. Based on the growing requests from analyst feedback, we will soon be launching this much-needed technology solution to the larger (public) data analysis community.  

With this launch in mind, Echo Analytics Group can now provide our audience with a full-circle approach to research and analysis offerings:

1. We consult & complete the research for companies that need additional assistance.
2. We teach introductory and advanced analysts on how to efficiently use PAI and OSINT tools
3. And now, we equip analysts with the platform to easily ‘Do It Yourself’ once they’re in their roles.  


Ultimately, you will receive periodic updates on all of the upcoming course releases and details on the Cyber Intelligence Dashboard launch. And, you will also receive a FREE download of our 2019 Modern OSINT Analysis Reference Guide.

Echo Analytics Group - Social Risk Offerings


Want to learn more about exactly what Echo Analytics Group offers to its vast array of research and analysis customers? At this time, start by exploring our three high-level offering categories below: 

Social Risk Research Management Products

In this case, depending on the nature of the organization’s needs, they may require outside assistance to accomplish their social risk, reputation management, or investigative analysis research and EAG is here to help!   

Our line of open-source intelligence (OSINT) products include information mined from across the surface, deep and dark web. Consequently, we’ve learned that providing our customers with the best social risk management products requires experienced professionals. Also, it provides the ability to identify and leverage the most effective analysis platforms, and access to the right data sets. 

Implementing our exclusive field-tested Discover, Develop and Monitor (D2M) methodology, our analysts use our purpose-built Echo Dashboard. Additionally, the Cyber Intelligence Dashboard leverages hundreds of data sets and over 1000+ data analytics tools. 

 Social Risk Research & Reputation Management Services

 We currently offer four Social Research Management Products:  

  1. Background Checks: Identify subject location, threats, patterns of behavior, etc.  
  2. Incident Analysis Research: Identify bad actors and monitor potential threats online and in-person. 
  3. Social Threat Assessment: Examine social threats from every angle and mitigate risks to your business.  
  4. Fraud Investigation Research: Support or refute claims made by the client, locate & identify subject location online and in-person.

Moreover, these customizable research & intelligence products can be designed to fill numerous information gaps for your business that can prevent and protect your brand from the social risks of tomorrow.

Contact us today to learn how we manage your SOCIAL RISK and OSINT research needs, info@echoanalyticsgroup.com or 210-265-7864. 

 Echo Analytics Group - ONLINE OSINT & Social Risk Analysis Courses

OSINT Training Online and In-Person

Echo Analytics Group is an industry thought-leader and leverages our exclusive analysis methodology (D2M) and over 1000+ data analytics tools to train and certify (beginner to advanced) OSINT and social media analysts across the globe. In fact, our wide variety of courses have been typically taken in-person up until this past year when we launched our online course offerings.

Our courses focus on the evolution of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and the critical thinking skills required to apply unbiased analytic thought to navigate the massive amounts of data that is now at everyone’s fingertips. 

In addition, students learn how technologies and tools work in this space and are introduced to over 1000+ different social media analytics tools enabling each student to build customized tool workflows that work best in their field. Furthermore, our training process ensures consistent performance and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of data. Finally, in our advanced courses, students learn how to put everything they learned during the basic course into practice.

Echo Analytics Group (EAG) has developed a dozen advanced courses. 

These courses are all designed for the numerous positions in the public and private sectors that also now rely on OSINT information in their daily roles. By the same token, drawing on a wide range of materials, our courses develop a critical vocabulary and historical framework for analyzing the varied and widely distributed effects of change on OSINT analytic processes. Generally speaking, these materials include: scholarly articles, primary documents, deep web searched items, video, and literary texts.

Additionally, because of our ongoing quality control efforts, we continue to modify our training to suit our customers’ requirements. Further, our practical and capstone exercises are client determined. Also, EAG customizes each course to the unique requirements of its attendees as a matter of corporate policy. Clearly, EAG is pleased to provide references regarding our curriculum’s relevance and validity within the research, marketing, and also in the government space.  

Thus, make sure to check out our Training Calendar for more details on upcoming in-person training courses – OR- Enroll in our online classes at any time! 

Cyber Intelligence Dashboard
Cyber Intelligence Dashboard

Purpose-Built Research and Analysis Management Solutions

Also, Echo Analytics Group is launching its first analyst technology solution at the end of 2019, The Cyber Intelligence Dashboard (C.I.D.). This PAI and OSINT Research and Analysis Management Platform allow data analysts to access and customize all of their individual OSINT and PAI tools, as well as their research workflows in one convenient and secure location. Now, we are launching C.I.D. to a small group of early-access users shortly.

For this reason, sign-up for our newsletter to stay informed about launch details and trial offers!

 Echo Analytics Group - Social Risk Offerings


As the field of OSINT expands, we are seeing a wide array of industries seeking our services daily. From Government to Entertainment, there is a need for social risk management and OSINT research and analysis like never before. With that said, you would be surprised at the investigative roles currently using Publicly Available Information and OSINT in their daily research efforts.

Roles using PAI and OSINT Research and Analysis:

  • Investigative Pros: Litigation, OSINT, Insurance, Private Investigations, Recruiters, Hedge Fund Guys, etc.  
  • Social Risk: Reputation Management, Social Media Analysts, Threat Forecasters  
  • Researchers: Journalists, Research Paper Writers, Fact Checkers   

In industries such as:

  • Communications 
  • Entertainment 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance  
  • Law 
  • Financial  
  • Government  

Are you interested in learning more about PAI and OSINT best practices within your industry and role? Then, sign-up for our newsletter and stay informed! We will be releasing new content devoted to these various fields in the near future. 

Echo Analytics Group 2020 Vision

Upcoming Launches: The EAG 2020 Vision 

Well, with 2020 in our sights, Echo Analytics Group is excited to watch the 2020 vision come to life. So what is upcoming:

  • Cyber Intelligence Dashboard Launch – Released to beta users before the end of the year.  Additional features will be added throughout 2020 upon launching to the public. 
  • More Online & In-Person Classes – Our online certification courses will be growing substantially in 2020, as well as our in-person training programs. 
  • Social Risk & Reputation Management Analysis Expansion – EAG’s analysts are busy compiling more data than ever. We forecast our research products expanding further in 2020.

Undoubtedly, EAG wouldn’t have been able to come thus far if it wasn’t for YOUR SUPPORT! These past four years have been an amazing adventure and we are excited to see what comes next!

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