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Interested in bootstrapping your in-house OSINT capabilities or jump-starting a career in analytics?

Current Courses


An introduction to the Discover, Develop, and Monitor (D2M) methodology created for the SOF Community. Usage of basic OSINT tools. Students will earn a Basic OSINT proficiency certificate and complete a case study tailored to their organization’s area of interest.


Advanced OSINT

A deeper dive into D2M analytics, tool usage, and more sophisticated applications. Students will earn an Advanced OSINT proficiency certificate and complete a more in-depth case study to ensure the rest of the organization understands the importance of OSINT research.



  • Tampa, Florida
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina


Dates and Times:

  • Contact our instructors today to see available dates and times
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Our Classes Are Ideal For:

  • STEM students
  • Analysts and junior analysts interested in acquiring or improving their OSINT techniques
  • Private investigators
  • Legal researchers
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Background screeners
  • The SOF Community
  • Research departments for government and military groups
  • Corporate researchers and security officers

Our enrollment is open to all who are interested.

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Who We Are

Echo Analytics Group, a Quiet Professionals company, was founded by Buddy Jericho, a former intelligence officer who created the training methodology to teach Special Operations Forces (SOF), the Department of Defense, and federal and local law enforcement to combat online activities by terrorists and other malicious actors.  

We are the experts in all things OSINT. We have experienced moments when our intelligence was the difference between life and death. And we have experienced what happens when those same intelligence tools were used against us.

Our Classes

Echo Analytics Group is proud to announce several open-enrollment classes to interested companies and students. We are hosting two separate one-week, in-person OSINT certification courses across two locations, multiple times throughout the year.

Do you need an expert researcher and analyst on your team to handle a steady stream of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) questions?

Want to learn how to use Publicly Available Information (PAI) to produce actionable OSINT?

Interested in learning OSINT techniques from the group that invented the methodology used by the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Community?


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Greatly increase your research capabilities and decrease the turnaround times needed to obtain meaningful information.

  • Background checks and investigations
  • Social risk assessments of your organization’s publicly available information
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Vetting executives and other high-risk employees
  • Competitive analysis reports
  • Tracking persons of interest without alerting them they’re being tracked
  • And more!

Benefits to students

  • Students will learn a methodology that allows proficiency across existing and emerging OSINT tools
  • Students will practice on over 20 different OSINT analysis tools
  • Students will perform exercises using live data in real time
  • Students will produce a case study appropriate to their industry or organization, to demonstrate the real-world practicality of OSINT research to employers and other stakeholders
  • Students will receive a certificate to add to their resumé to demonstrate their expanding skillset


Students will also receive:

  • The Echo Analytics Group OSINT Manual, which serves as a textbook for the D2M methodology, provides best practices for selecting and using OSINT tools, and gives analysis and workflow examples.
  • A free 30-day subscription to Echo Analytics Group’s Cyber Intelligence Dashboard (CID), a “toolbox of tools” that helps guide OSINT analysts toward the correct tools for the job, and sets up workflows to save time on repeated research tasks.
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Both the Basic OSINT class and the Advanced OSINT class, each taught by 10+ year experts in the OSINT field with in-person, hands-on training, are each $3000.

Interested in bootstrapping your in-house OSINT capabilities or jump-starting a career in analytics?

Contact us today!


Want to find out whether Echo Analytics Group’s Open-Source Research and Analysis course will help you?

A half-hour call can tell you: the types of information we can find, where we get that information, how we put it all together, types of solutions available, custom features, pricing, and more.

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