Online activity is taking new approach, especially regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) for search engines and devices. New technologies are on the rise, and since the start of search engines, the web has continuously evolved. For independent and secure connection of “things” globally, we are more concerned with a similar approach of “googling” related keyword(s) to find useful content, especially in the field of open-source intelligence (OSINT). 

This key feature is presently transformed into new searches as devices and is expected to link with the internet as part of optimizations for IoT.  As more and more common devices and appliances establish their wifi connections more information will be introduced to the internet but we will also witness an explosion of cyber capabilities to combat risk. In the near future, we will be buying Cyber Protection Plans with our refrigerators the same way we now buy antivirus software for our laptops. 

Traditional Search Engines

Search engines mainly use automated Web crawlers in the discovery of likely websites suitable to searched keywordsEvery website visited is recorded by web crawlers in large databases including a copy of the website content. This database gets analyzed offline, alongside the creation of fast lookup index to hasten search performance. A process that Google mastered over a decade ago and arguably led to their incredible success. 

Issues Facing Search Engine for IoT

The existing Pull approach of data exchange where web crawlers are employed for search engines likely will face several limitations in cases of IoT devicesSome of these limitations include: 

  • Several IoT devices get power from a battery or solarthus would often stay in “sleeping” mode when not actively in use.  
  • IoT devices often find usage in semi-closed networks, which limits access to traditional search engines 

Looking Towards a Brighter Future for IoT

key drive towards the success of the web system over the years is the accessibility provided by search engines. These search engines organize and make available millions of information easily accessed by its users.  

If we wish to have similar success with the millions of IoT devices available today, then it is time for more innovations. Luckilythe coming generation would enjoy a much more seamless process when it comes to the IoTs alongside a brighter future in getting relevant data related to these systems. As artificial intelligence matures, so will the process become seamless.

It is likely that one day your home appliances will engage other people’s home appliances to elicit recommendations on your behalf, such as recipes or real-time feedback regarding a new kitchen appliance. It is even possible that appliances will someday tell you what to buy and when to buy it based on your behaviors and habits. 

Discover A New Frontier with Thingful

Thingful is a search engine for IoTs. It offers secure discoverability and interoperability amongst millions of public and private connected devices globally. Thingful is on a mission to enable interoperable IoTsas well as allow connected devices to find and use each other’s data with appropriate consent provided.  

The new search engine would also enable IoT owners to control their data usage, as well as allowing more productive and valuable decision-making processes. 

Ongoing projects with Thingful includes on big data analyticscitizen sensingconnected vehiclemachine learning, and smart city initiatives. 

This tool and many others will be available on Echo’s Cyber Intelligence Dashboard, and is scheduled to release in 2020.

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