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Driven By Innovation. A Culture of Expertise.

Our core values reflect a culture of respect: respect for ourselves, respect for our colleagues and customers, and respect for our products. This respect leads us to continuously improve everything we do, including how we treat our team of dedicated, highly-trained professionals. 

Our team provides the intelligence and insight behind our growing range of products, training programs, and services, rapidly acquiring new skillsets in the emerging field of open-source intelligence. Interested in becoming an expert in cutting-edge problem-solving techniques that don’t exist yet? Check out our career board or give us a call! 

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“LOVE coming to work every day. The team really functions as a team, not simply coworkers. The drive and passion of the individuals shine through the work and really produces quality services, from training to marketing to customer relations. The location is great, the clients rock, and we’re really growing. I’m excited about the future of the company, the team, and our clients.”

“EAG is a team of experts that are passionate about delivering value to customers and clients. Respect for our products, ourselves, and each other are the guiding principles of the company. Everyone’s professional assessment counts at EAG.”

“Lots of autonomy to work on projects as needed. Leadership always tried to do the right thing.”

“This company is a tight-knit group of professionals that is knowledgeable, supportive, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I have never worked for a better company or with a better team. Most are veterans, and those who are not are professionals to the highest degree. I’ve worked in a multitude of military, and corporate settings and can easily say this is the best experience I’ve had so far.”

“The atmosphere and morale was amazing. Buddy and the team are amazing with years of experience.”

“Extremely strong, diverse leadership whom prioritizes the success of employees. Purpose-driven work motivates employees on a daily basis. Work environment is very positive. Every single employee I’ve met has been brilliant in their individual skill-set and also a great team player. Working at EAG exemplifies the essence of the old adage. ‘find a job where every morning you wake up and are excited to go to work.’”

Benefits That Work for You and Your Family

We’ve designed a compensation package that gives our employees total flexibility and control. We strive to be amongst the industry leaders, offering higher salaries combined with a rich and comprehensive benefits package. Employees are eligible to sign up for coverage on their first day of employment, getting 100% health, vision, dental, and group life insurance coverage with low co-pays and deductibles. We offer a 401k plan with employer matching contributions up to 3% and partial matching contributions up to 55. There is no vesting period and employees are eligible on their first day of employment. 

Health Insurance

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We offer a 100% company-sponsored, full-service individual plan with the option to purchase a family plan at our corporate rate. Our plan offers a choice of selecting in-network and/or out-of-network providers. Our in-network providers consist of a very broad and robust base available throughout the United States. 

Dental Insurance

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We provide a 100% company-sponsored, comprehensive individual dental plan through a widely accepted provider and offer the option to purchase a family plan at our corporate rate.

Vision Insurance

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At Echo Analytics Group, we’re also happy to provide employees a 100% company-sponsored vision plan through United Healthcare Global Vision.

Life Insurance

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Additionally, we provide 100% company-sponsored life insurance ($50,000) coverage for employees with the option to purchase a family plan at a corporate rate.

Federal Holidays

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We provide 10 paid Federal Holidays time off for employees working within the Continental United States.

Retirement Savings

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We provide a comprehensive retirement savings plan with dollar-for-dollar employer matching on the first 3% and 50% of the next 2% of contributions, with no vesting period. Our 401(k) plan offers a variety of options for you to choose that varies in risk and reward. 

Employee Referrals

Employees may be eligible for referral bonuses through our Employee Referral Program for assisting with the recruitment of future employees.

Inspiring Culture

We believe new perspectives drive new innovation. We support our team members in following their passions in the OSINT world, providing the resources they need to forge new techniques and tools. Our culture is one of learning, exploration and continuous improvement.

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