The world population, according to the UN published data, is expected to hit a limit of 9.7 billion in 2050. This analysis also predicts close to 70% of the world’s populace will fit into several urban cities accommodating almost 10 million people. As the number rises, so do the challenges encountered with regards to providing energy resources and environmental data.

Fortunately, some businesses are building capabilities today to deal with these challenges and the advent of AI has significantly enhanced their efforts.  One of the resources available today is the AL-enabled platform Big Red Directory.


The Big Red Directory

The Big Red Directory employs state-of-the-art AI to surf the web for new data, self-update its contents, and make additions to its database. The Big Red Directory also provides access to several new data, including addresses, phone numbers, opening times of local businesses, and much more. It is not only in the US, Big Red Data also provides this information for other countries like the United Kingdom (UK).  The UK data set includes business opening hours, address maps, and reviews for cinemas, hotels, pubs, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, takeaways, and more.

The use of a technological advancement like Artificial Intelligence aids the platform to offer a new experience that is helpful to researchers seeking new data and expertise. Furthermore, the approach taken by the Big Red Directory enhances day-to-day regulation on accessing data making it easier to navigate and more secure.

What does the ‘Big Red Directory’ offer?

The concept of ‘Big Red Directory’ is a better approach to managing and consolidating information and technologies that enhance our ability to research data from a variety of directories. This modern approach also provides access to Artificial Intelligence backed data that offers the potential of addressing critical challenges like energy crises, healthcare, traffic management, and many other issues.

Designed by Oxford Information Services, the ‘Big Red Directory’ has witnessed significant growth over time, with expansion in data from other countries like New Zealand and the US. Presently the platform hosts several venue categories which include information about cinemas, pubs, restaurants, public resources, and more.

In using this service, researchers can expand into new and emerging categories as urbanization continues to expand across the globe.  As a research professional, we encourage you to check this exciting new technology out and see how the Big Red Directory might help enhance your efforts.

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