Background Checks

Different situations call for different types of background report.

Some background checks—such as those needed for most employees—require a simple inquiry into the employee’s work history, education, credit history, motor vehicle reports, criminal record, and references.

Echo Analytics Group offers two background reports: simple and in-depth.

Simple Background Report:

With a Simple Background Report from Echo Analytics Group — A Quiet Professionals Company — analysts execute a general search of a target individual on social media platforms, open-source websites, and business databases. Simple Background Reports are for clients needing a quick turn around on a product and can be delivered within three business days.

Simple Background Reports help clients manage social risk, identify relevant information about a person of interest or business.


Comprehensive Background Report:

With an Comprehensive Background Reports from Echo Analytics Group — A Quiet Professionals Company — analysts perform deep-dive research on a target individual, their digital footprint, social media presence, personal relationships, business associations, mentions in media outlets and other publications, personal information, potential activity on the deep/dark web, and ad da tech data to potentially locate a mobile device for a person of interest. Comprehensive Background Reports are for clients who need a more robust online investigation on a target individual. 

Comprehensive Background Reports have a turn-around time of five to ten business days, dependent upon client need. 

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Other situations require a more in-depth approach.

For example:

  • A business hiring a C-level executive position
  • An investor considering the purchase of a business
  • A political party vetting a potential candidate

High-stakes situations like these require not just the big details of a criminal record or a credit history, but a comprehensive picture.

Examining an executive’s criminal record cannot establish whether they will cause a risk on social media that damages a business.

Investigating a business owner’s personal credit history cannot establish whether they have built a sound business structure or created a house of cards.

Interviewing a candidate’s personal references cannot establish whether they can handle tough questions from the media—particularly about surprise information they have chosen not to reveal themselves.

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In order to fully protect your organization, you need to know:

Unprofessional behavior on social media

Financial history

Associations with controversial or extremist groups

Organizations outside the workplace

Information listed on a sex offender registry

Any criminal history

An in-depth listing of career achievements

Pattern-of-life analysis for social media

Personal habits and interests

Public sentiment

Media mentions, press releases, and publications

Other information as requested

How can you get that information?

Most background checks don’t cover it. They provide criminal behavior, driving records, employment verification, and so on. But, they don’t dive very deep.

What you need is a way to investigate candidates that makes use of the full extent of their Publicly Available Information (PAI), from social media posts to their behavior on the Dark Web.

You need more than a standardized background report in order to protect your business.

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Want to find out whether Echo Analytics Group’s Background Report services will help you?

A half-hour call can tell you: the types of information we can find, where we get that information, how we put it all together, types of solutions available, custom features, pricing, and more.

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How can you obtain the additional information you need?

Many organizations who need a more sophisticated background check hire a private investigator.

But most private investigators are only trained to perform standard background checks, with the addition of a few public records searches and performing person-to-person interviews with past employers.

They are not trained to thoroughly investigate the thousands of available sources of Publicly Available Information (PAI) across the Internet.

And they are not trained to use the latest tools to process that information into a comprehensive Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) package.

Our analysts at Echo Analytics Group are trained to handle background investigations that stretch all the way across the Internet, from social media all the way to the Dark Web.

Echo Analytics Group, a Quiet Professionals company, was founded by Buddy Jericho, a former intelligence officer who created the training methodology to teach Special Operations Forces (SOF), the Department of Defense, and federal and local law enforcement to combat online activities by terrorists and other malicious actors.

In other words, for years we have been the leading experts to the SOF community for Open-Source Intelligence.

Echo Analytic Group’s background checks can develop a complete picture of a person’s behavior.

We know the good, the bad, and the ugly. We know the things some candidates would rather you didn’t find out about.

We can even uncover whether that person is a good fit for your organization.

Echo Analytics Group provides different types of background checks. We can also build custom solutions for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government, political, law enforcement, and military customers.

We do more than search a few social media channels for obvious pieces of current information. Our reports are not based on running a software program that can turn around superficial results in minutes.

Echo Analytic Group’s background checks deliver in-depth information that can reveal whether a candidate is giving you the full story.

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How can you tell what kind of background check you need?

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Simple Background Reports

Most background checks are meant to prevent harm to an organization’s reputation. Most employees can only cause a limited amount of damage by their actions. Their bad behavior cannot threaten the existence of the organization itself.

In other words, your organization needs more information than a standard background check can provide, but you may not need an in-depth dossier of information at your fingertips.

In those cases, Echo Analytics Group can perform a simple background report.

We research the candidate’s social media use, work history, education, location, criminal record, motor vehicle reports, credit history, any business interests or conflicts of interest, and any other red flags.

For example, we’ve all heard horror stories about employers hiring professional-level candidates with fake degrees and certifications. And we’ve all heard stories about candidates whose bad behavior causes social media controversies.

Our Simple Background Reports take up to three business days to complete. They are custom products that don’t run on automated software queries, and they are reviewed for completeness and accuracy before delivery.

If your organization needs to know if a candidate is who they claim to be, and whether they raise outright red flags, then contact us about our Simple Background Reports today.

In-Depth Background Reports

Some hiring situations require a more in-depth approach.

When a candidate’s unethical or illegal behavior has the potential to wreck an organization—either because they are in a position of trust or they have a front-facing public position, a deeper background inquiry is appropriate.

For example:

  • People with financial or fiduciary responsibilities
  • People who work with children, seniors, disabled people, and other vulnerable populations
  • Upper-level and executive positions
  • Current employees suspected of illegal or unethical activity
  • Political candidates and other public-facing leaders

High-stakes situations like these require not just a social media search and validation of the information provided by the candidate, but a comprehensive picture.

The more responsibility that a candidate holds, the more information you need.

Embezzlement, fraud, abuse, and scandal: these are serious setbacks in any organization, and can destroy it from within.

You need to know:

  • All relevant criminal, legal, business, and personal information
  • Whether the person is part of an extremist or terrorist group
  • Any conflicts of interest
  • A complete picture of how the person acts online, including profiles using other names
  • Any controversies or questionable activities, including those on the Dark Web
  • Whether their actual activities line up with what they claim
  • And more

Echo Analytics Group’s OSINT analysts research that information and more, assembling it into a clear yet thorough report. Our advanced queries can track mobile devices without touching them and can retrieve adverse information online the candidate thought was permanently deleted.

Our In-Depth Background Reports, because of their thoroughness, require five to ten business days to perform a custom, comprehensive search on a candidate and assemble information into an actionable picture. We also provide a Project Manager to help guide our In-Depth Background Report clients through their inquiries.

When emerging information about your candidate changes the nature of the questions you need to ask, we are there to help you reframe them and focus on the answers you need.

If your organization needs a clear picture of what a candidate is capable of, what their connections are, and what overall risks they pose, then contact us about our In-Depth Background Reports today.

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Want to find out whether Echo Analytics Group’s Background Report services will help you?

A half-hour call can tell you: the types of information we can find, where we get that information, how we put it all together, types of solutions available, custom features, pricing, and more.

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