In research, while finding an area of interest is generally the first step, the next step is doing an in-depth search for related literature and research gaps.   Fortunately, there are several search resources available today., launched in September 2008, offers an abundance of resources for researches.

What does offer? is a web platform offering commercial social networking for academics. The web platform permits users to create profiles, upload research work(s), and pick interest areas. Academia users can also browse through the platform to view other research works and connect with individuals who share similar interests.

Early in 2019, recorded over 39 million unique visitors monthly and over 21 million uploaded texts. Recently, claims to feature over 108 million Academics and Researchers.

How can help with open-source efforts and research? offers the most straightforward approach to sharing papers with millions of interested individuals across the globe. Although not an open access repository, the free platform can provide researchers with access to share papers, monitor impact, and follow other research topics in selected fields.

A recent study shows papers uploaded in get a 69% increase in citations over five years. The platform remains a fantastic resource for Ph.D. candidates, professors, researchers, and scholars, who seek to find and share academic work to a broader audience. offers several benefits in terms of education, knowledge, and learning. Some key benefits include:

An Incredibly Large Research Depository and UserBase.

The platform offers a massive database for research papers, connecting over 100 million users. Due to the incredibly large volume of users, it is likely your research will receive significant attention, resulting in more feedback and recommendations for your work.

Provides Researchers an Open Publication Platform.

New and old Researchers can publish on the platform, thus providing a meeting point for everyone in the academic community. Several publications are made accessible for other users, enabling you to learn what others in your area of research ar writing about.

In Conclusion. is a top search resource for individuals seeking to find information to suit a variety of academic demands. It also allows the user to publish and showcase personal publications. Several top scholarly works have been on display over time, and the social network feature enables collaboration that can really boost your research efforts.  This and many other reasons are why we chose as one of our top platforms for academic research.

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