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Our Team of intelligence professionals deliver industry leading Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training, technology, and products that help you achieve decision making dominance.


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Whether you need research products, OSINT training, or technology, we’ve got you covered. Our experts are armed with dozens of advanced analytics tools, data mining software, and our field tested internet research and analysis methodologies to achieve one goal – prepare you for what comes next!

Research and Analysis Products

Your team of experts at Echo Analytics Group build custom products that protect and enhance your operations, enabling you to identify opportunities while reducing risk. These products are purpose-built and customized to meet your business needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Background Research

Our comprehensive line of background research products are ideal for businesses looking to make smart hiring and investment decisions.  Leveraging dozens of  publicly available data sets, these products provide you a complete and comprehensive understanding of exactly who you are hiring.

Due Dilligence

Our team of research and intelligence professionals will help you uncover the social, criminal, and financial risks that might threaten your business as you decide on the next big move.  Our Due Dilligence products protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships.

Social Risk Monitoring

Our media monitoring specialists, content analysts, and intenet researchers can identify issues early and monitor threats for significant changes or escalation, enabling you to build a more tailored approach to security.


Safeguarding proprietary data is a critical component of conducting business in the digital era. We work with clients to create a social risk framework — outlining business objectives, assessing risk, defining tolerance levels, and prioritizing gaps.

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Purpose-Built Research and Analysis Training

Master the Discover, Develop and Monitor (D2M) methodology and bring the skills and knowledge of our cutting-edge, field-tested cyber intelligence research and analysis methodology back to your colleagues. We offer a range of online and in-person courses that are purpose-built for intelligence and security professionals. Get certified through one of our training programs and take your career to the next level!


Certified Open Source Information Analyst

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Certified Open Source Collection Technician

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Certified Open Source Media Analyst

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Who Should Attend Our Courses?

  • OSINT Analysts
  • Social Media Analysts
  • Fact Checkers
  • Intelligence Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Journalists
  • Research Professionals
  • Headhunters/ Recruiters

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“The tools we learned and applied to real-world business problems are so helpful, and to do so with methodology makes all the difference.”

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Our team has provided in-person training for over 3,000 public and private sector professionals over the past 5 years.  Echo Academy offers comprehenisve online certification programs and over 12 purpose-built in-person courses that can be customized to meet your needs.

Latest News

Super Cookies

Cookies are generally employed by websites towards enhancing and offering better user experience as they simplify predictive choices. Cookies denote a set of data kept by browser following a user interaction with a specific website. The first time you visit a website, cookies save packets of data that help improve user experience over time, especially […]

How do Websites Track You?

Online tracking is, in essence, the gathering of useful data about users and their actions online. The most beneficial use or purpose of tracking user activity is to gain relevant insight into their behavior, needs, and preferences.  For websites, these data obtained come in handy for powerful optimization tools needed to aid user experience, commerce, […]

User-Agents (UA)

Every user makes use of different browsers or devices in accessing web services. Also, once connected, you are more likely to notice different looks for the same website under different browsers. Once a browser directs a request to a web service, the browser recognizes itself through the user agent string attached before retrieving the necessary […]

Internet Protocol (IP) Address

Every system connected to a network features a unique identifier. And similar to addressing letters sent via mail, computers employ a unique identifier in communicating data to other computers on a similar network. Nowadays, most networks, comprising of internet-connected computers, make use of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol as a standard for network […]

HTTP Referrer

The HTTP referer (also called HTTP referrer) is an optional HTTP header field that recognizes webpage address (i.e., the Uniform Resource Identifier or IRI) connected to the resource being requested. By inspecting the referrer, the new webpage can determine where the original request was initiated. Generally, such situations usually imply once any user clicks a […]

Browser Fingerprinting

Browser Fingerprinting Browser fingerprinting offers an incredibly accurate approach of recognizing unique browsers as well as tracking online activities. It can be well-defined as a device or machine fingerprint which collects information about the computer or device for the purpose of identification. Browser fingerprinting remains a powerful technique used by websites in collecting information relating […]

Forming A Research Question

The development of robust research questions is essential in guiding open-source information gathering efforts. Most information requests require focused thought and problem-solving to properly begin a disciplined approach to satisfying the requirement. With this in mind, it becomes essential to get very detailed when forming a research question, and for businesses conducting open-source research for […]