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How We Help You Succeed?

Whether you need open source research training, products or technology, we’ve got you covered.  Our experts are armed with dozens of advanced analytics tools, data mining software, and our field tested open source research and analysis methodology to achieve one goal – prepare you for what comes next!

Open Source Research is research that exhausts any publicly available information, including the internet, social media, books, periodicals, databases and foreign-language-based content to be used in an intelligence context.

Open Source Research and Analysis Products

Your team of experts at Echo Analytics Group build custom products that enhance your operations, enabling you to identify opportunities while reducing risk. These products are purpose-built to assist with due diligence, executive recruiting, executive travel, competitor research, security operations, and much more. Contact us today to learn more.

Purpose-Built Cyber Intelligence Training

Master the Discover, Develop and Monitor (D2M) methodology and bring the skills and knowledge of our cutting-edge, field-tested cyber intelligence research and analysis methodology back to your colleagues.  We offer a range of online and in-person courses that are purpose-built for intelligence and security professionals.  Get certified through one of our training programs and take your career to the next level!


CID (prounonced SID)

A Customizable Cyber Intelligence Dashboard Designed By You (coming real soon – join the waiting list!)

Our team has extensive experience analyzing data on the surface, deep, and dark web.  In the process we’ve analyzed hundreds of data platforms and tested, trained, and fielded thousands of social media analytics tools, but the problem remains; no single tool is the solution.  We have also asked our 2,000+ students what tools and resources they use most while conducting research.  As a result, we have loaded over 1,000 analytics tools, data platforms, and other resources on CID and categorized them according to our field-tested research and analysis methodology, D2M.  Within CID, you can build up to 20 different custom workflows investigative workflows.   If there is a tool or data source that is not available, it takes less than 10 seconds to add it.

What Students Say About Echo Training

It was awesome to finally get training from folks who are clearly on the leading edge of this new discipline.

-Senior Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

‘Great course and extremely relevant’

-Social Media Analyst and Former EAG Student

‘This course needs to get traction’

-LTG Votel


-Social Media Strategist and former EAG student

Useful beyond measure!Knowing multiple approaches to finding the desired information is great!

-Military Student

“The levels of analytics that we were able to do with D2M in a short time was pretty incredible.”

-Social Media Analyst and former student

“Instructor performance,very engaging,insightful,knowledge-able,great background to give students real world accounts”

-Social Media Analyst and former EAG student

“What EAG taught us was priceless.”

-5th Special Forces GRP Student

Companies Attending Echo Training

Who should attend our courses?

OSINT Analysts

Social Media Analysts

Fact Checkers

Intelligence Professionals

Law Enforcement Professionals


Research Professionals

Headhunters/ Recruiters

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