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Whether you need open source research products, training, or technology, we’ve got you covered. Our experts are armed with dozens of advanced analytics tools, data mining software, and our field tested open source research and analysis methodologies to achieve one goal – prepare you for what comes next!

Open Source Research And Analysis Products



Your team of experts at Echo Analytics Group build custom products that protect and enhance your operations, enabling you to identify opportunities while reducing risk. These products are purpose-built and customized to meet your business needs.  Contact us today to learn more.

Background Research

Our comprehensive line of background research products are ideal for businesses looking to make smart hiring and investment decisions.  Leveraging dozens of  publicly available data sets, these products provide you a complete and comprehensive understanding of exactly who you are hiring.

Due Dilligence

Our team of research and intelligence professionals will help you uncover the social, criminal, and financial risks that might threaten your business as you decide on the next big move.  Our Due Dilligence products protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships.

Social Risk Monitoring

Our media monitoring specialists, content analysts, and open-source researchers can identify issues early and monitor threats for significant changes or escalation, enabling you to build a more tailored approach to security.


Safeguarding proprietary data is a critical component of conducting business in the digital era. We work with clients to create a social risk framework — outlining business objectives, assessing risk, defining tolerance levels, and prioritizing gaps.

Companies Who Trust Echo Analytics Group

Purpose-Built Open-Source Research and Analysis Training


Master the Discover, Develop and Monitor (D2M) methodology and bring the skills and knowledge of our cutting-edge, field-tested cyber intelligence research and analysis methodology back to your colleagues. We offer a range of online and in-person courses that are purpose-built for intelligence and security professionals. Get certified through one of our training programs and take your career to the next level!


Certified Open Source Information Analyst

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Certified Open Source Collection Technician

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Certified Open Source Media Analyst

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Who Should Attend Our Courses?

  • OSINT Analysts
  • Social Media Analysts
  • Fact Checkers
  • Intelligence Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Journalists
  • Research Professionals
  • Headhunters/ Recruiters

Student Testimonials

“The tools we learned and applied to real-world business problems are so helpful, and to do so with methodology makes all the difference.”

I.N., Echo Academy Course Graduate

Business Intelligence Analyst

More ways to Conenct with Echo Analytics Group

Our team has provided in-person training for over 3,000 public and private sector professionals over the past 5 years.  Echo Academy offers comprehenisve online certification programs and over 12 purpose-built in-person courses that can be customized to meet your needs.

Latest News

An Introduction to Meta Data, Types, and Its Benefits

In IT, the word “metadata” is basically refers primarily to the data behind image, video or software application. Metadata implies data comprising of specific information that includes length, textual makeup, type, description, locational data, and other features or types of data that is used to either build or identify the element. Several types of hidden […]

Forming A Research Question

The development of robust research questions is essential in guiding open source information gathering efforts. Most information requests require focused thought and problem-solving to properly begin a disciplined approach to satisfying the requirement. With this in mind, it becomes essential to get very detailed when forming a research question, and for businesses conducting open source […] Still Massive Boost to Research Works

In research, while finding an area of interest is generally the first step, the next step is doing in-depth search for related literature and research gaps.   Fortunately, there are several search resources available today., launched in September 2008, offers an abundance of resources for researches. What does offer? is a web platform offering […]

Big Red Directory Offering AI-backed Directory for the Future

The world population, according to the UN published data, is expected to hit a limit of 9.7 billion in 2050. This analysis also predicts close to 70% of the world’s populace will fit into several urban cities accommodating almost 10 million people. As the number rises, so do the challenges encountered with regards to providing […]

Twitter Advanced Search for Businesses and Marketers

Every second, an overall average of 6,000+ tweets are sent on Twitter, translating to over 500 million tweets daily! Twitter remains a fantastic app, and it allows search for every single tweet. There are quite a few different approaches to searching on Twitter. These approaches include Twitter’s toolbar for a search field, the mobile app searches, the […]

The Library of Congress: A Digital Approach to Online Libraries and Resources

Are there several information gaps in your research? Do you need assistance filling those gaps? Well, help is available with the use of online support provided by the Library of Congress. The advanced search platform allows researchers users to ask a librarian for help. If you have specific questions with no readily available answers, the digital […]

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